Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Personalized Christmas Gift Tags

I know I haven't posted anything for awhile. My mom and sister came here to Wisconsin to visit me, so I was enjoying their company for a week, and then after that it was all about playing catch-up with everything else going on in my life.

Even though I haven't been blogging, I have been crafting--specifically, I've been making gift tags. All the presents we are giving to people have been shipped out to Utah, (can you believe how ridiculous the cost is to check a bag at the airport these days?) but I'm going to wrap them when I get there, and these gift tags will be a very easy thing to pack along in my carry-on that will give my gifts a personal touch.Happy December!

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Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

Hi! I'm now following you and found you through the Gift giveaway links! I'm from and would love for you to follow back if you'd like. I'm new as you can tell if you check me out.
I REALLY love your gift tags above and was thinking about using all those cardboard-ish tags that come on children's clothing for my backing. Do you think that would work? I could repurpose them- what do you think?

Pamela said...

My mother was here and we made gift tags too. We always make cards or other paper crafts when she comes to visit. I love the varity in your tags.