Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Freshly Picked Moccasins (Spoiler Alert: They are Awesome.)

Note: This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. I was compensated for this post, but my opinions are all my own.

Well, it's official.  

I love Freshly Picked and their adorable moccasins!  

Did you see Susan Petersen on Shark Tank last Friday?  She talked all about how she made her first pair of moccasins with a piece of leather she'd picked up from an estate sale, and then spent the summer knocking the glass out of windows from her brother's window company so she could sell the aluminum frames to get more money for materials.  She is a pretty cool lady.
* * *
Chloe's feet finally got big enough to fit her beautiful Mint Green moccasins, and she's been wearing them everywhere.  She even wore them to church on Sunday.  I splurged a few months back and bought Chloe some TOMS, and the poor things are getting neglected in favor of these mint leather beauties.

 Now, I promised to review them for you all, so here goes:
They are very well-made, extremely comfortable, and the elastic around the ankles makes them easy for kids to put on by themselves (Chloe can put them on with no problem), but they are not too easy to pull off, which is a good thing.
I have had several compliments on them, both on social media sites as well as by random strangers as she walks around town.  
The color is so fun (and they have SO many great color choices on their site, it was hard to pick).
Chloe begs to wear her moccs every day.  In fact, right now she's walking around in a diaper...and her moccasins.
They do get kind of dirty, which makes me sad, because I love them so much I don't want her to ruin them.  BUT, the good news is they are super easy to clean.   Just take a baby wipe (or a wet paper towel, I'm sure), and wipe the bottoms off, and any loose dirt will wipe right off.  They'll still get scuffs here and there...but no dirt really cleans them up.

They are also obviously super-easy to dance in:
They are kind of expensive, which is definitely a downside, but truly, your child doesn't need any shoes but these, so instead of spending $15-20.00 each on several pairs of shoes that your kid barely gets any wear out of, just get one (or two!) pair(s) of these and you'll be happier.  (Maybe now that there's a Shark Tank deal in the works, the price point can come down.  Wouldn't it be cool to be able to pick these up at Target or Kohls or something??)

In short, they are the bomb.com and if it's okay, Freshly Picked, I'd like a pair in every color and every size for both of my kids. You can make that happen, right??  

They truly are the coolest things I've ever had a chance to review.  I can't wait until Cache fits his pair, and then I can tell you all about how adorable he is and how great they are to learn to walk in.  (You know, flexible soles and all...)

The End.

(Now get over to Freshly Picked to buy a pair for the adorable toddlers and babies in your life!  Right now you can even use the code "sharktank" for free domestic shipping!  Bonus!)

*NOTE: I had someone on FB ask if they would hold up to winter weather, or protect their child from rocks in the summertime.  So far in my experience, Chloe hasn't complained about any terrain bothering her while she's wearing these.  Wood chips at the park, or the gravel in our front yard haven't fazed her.  That said, I probably wouldn't recommend them for a long hike or for actual snowy weather.  They do seem to keep her feet nice and warm, but you can't expect them to hold up to weather that you'd need winter boots or hiking soles for.


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