Monday, July 20, 2009

Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea

My friends are all poppin' out kids right and left, so here is my latest creation. Inspired by this post over at Make It and Love It...I bring you.....GIRAFFEY. (That's what I call him. :)
Oh, and burp cloths and appliqued onesies. :)

Well, my friend Girrafey was kind of difficult to do....I'd never made a stuffed animal before, and let's just say...he's far from perfect, but he was made with lots of love. :) I am not doing a tutorial here, because Ashley over at Make It and Love It is the one that inspired it, and she's the tutorial queen anyway, so check her blog out to find details on how to make him. My only major difference from her version is that I didn't use the "minky" material for the back of my animal....I just used a contrasting cotton material. And I added an eye and a mouth.

Just to give you an idea of how big my animal is, here he is standing next to my standard-sized sewing machine.

Now, the onesies were inspired by this post, as well as this one over at Crap I've Made. Hers looks nicer, but hey, live and learn.

RIP Car Onesie: The iron somehow picked up the pink color from my ironing board cover and transferred onto the whole right side of the onesie when I was ironing on the little car pieces. So, as cute of an idea as it was, it is now in the trash can.... :(

Now for the burp cloths. Inspired by a lot of posts (you can find some version of these on tons of crafty blogs). Like here on Crap I've Made, here at Make and Takes, or here at One Crafty Place, just to name a few. I looked at a bunch of tutorials, and then created my own version. I used cloth diapers from Wal-Mart, and folded them into fourths, then measured the material on top and sewed it on witha zig-zag stitch....then I folded the ends in, sewed a line to keep the folds down, then cut little snips and made a raggy edge by running my fingers along the snips (sorry if that is a vague description....Google "fray-edge quilt" or something if you want a better description. :S)
Remember, you can click on the photos to make them larger and see details better.
So there you have it. :) Make a cute home-made card, stick it all in a cute sack, and you're good to go!

Happy Gift-Making!


Jenny said...

Wow! I should have invited you to my baby showers! I'm impressed!

Chelsea said...

I can't stop raving about how cute these are! Everyone who comes over and sees the giraffe on my crib (and then I proceed to show them the ADORABLE burp cloths and onesies) thinks they are just stinking cute and can't believe how creative and crafty my friend is!!:) Thanks again!!

Randi said...

Love the giraffe! That is awesome! :)

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I love the fabrics, I commend them for the idea.

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