Thursday, October 15, 2009

Candy Cane Rose Centerpiece

I ran across this picture today. Beautiful, isn't it?!?! If you know anyone getting married in December, think how awesome these would be as centerpieces!!! I'm tempted to have a christmas party just so I can make this. I think this picture is gorgeous. I love the rich red colors and check out those great marbles! You could probably get that effect by painting clear marbles or beads, or else just using those round peppermint candies.


Beverly said...

What a pretty centerpiece.

Nielsen Family said...

My cousin is getting married in December. Just looked at the website and forwarded it to her! I love all the ideas- I am going to make the hard candy trees for my neighbor gifts this year! Thanks!

Courtney Allen said...

This is a beautiful bouquet how clever! What do you put on the bottom to keep the flowers watered? Do the canes go around a flower pot/vase? For a dorm room, it would be great to make this and use fake flowers!