Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Today I invited my friend Eliza over to help me make sugar cookies. My mom gave me these cute cutters for my birthday that you fill the little holes in the cutouts with crushed up Lifesavers. The end result is supposed to look like stained glass. I'm not sure that ours turned out quite like they were supposed to...but they weren't awful.

(Before they went in the oven)
When they came out:
After those cookies were done, we moved onto traditional sugar cookies. My mom warned me I should probably not double the batch...but I did. :-/ Hours and hours later, and 200 or so cookies later, I was done. I gave up frosting them after about 175, and threw the rest of the unfrosted ones in the garbage. I couldn't look at another cookie.Oh, I also had these cute sugar printed peel-off stickers that you can eat. They turned out really cute. :)Even though it took literally all day, it was all worth it because they turned out pretty cute.Then I put a variety of cookies into some cute Christmas tins, and took them around to my neighbors.What are you doing for your neighbor gifts this year?

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