Monday, May 11, 2015

The Design Revolution: Nurseries

When I was pregnant with Chloe just three years ago, it seemed that the trend in nursery decor was bold color combinations (red/aqua, yellow/orange, brown/turquoise, pink/purple, etc).  

When I was pregnant with Cache just two years ago, the trend was to decorate in a more whimsical fashion (vintage, hot air balloons, woodland creatures, etc.)  

This time around, it looks like the statement nurseries are completely color-focused.  It makes me want to decorate yet again for this third baby...and then I think about a) the cost, b) the effort, and c) the fact that I have no justification for doing another "theme" since I have perfectly good girl stuff goin' on already...and then I decide, it's not worth it.  


But look at those colors?!  So fun, right?

(All images from Pinterest.)
 Not a woodland creature in sight.  It's all about the patterns.  Love it!