Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Be Mine, Valentine

I like making cards, and I rarely get an excuse to make them except for Valentines day seemed like the perfect excuse to make some home-made Valentines to send to my family back in Utah.
I tried to keep a theme of sorts going with the ruffle paper punch and the flowers. It's almost like a little handmade card "collection." :) I kept thinking, "They all have to be alike or people will feel bad that someone else's is cuter than theirs." Wait...they are all going to different houses.... Oh well. :) Still fun.


Lena Phillips said...

I have that punch. Stampin' Up!? I'm obsessed with Stampin' Up! Anyway, if it isn't SU, it should be ;-)
Cute cards. I'm really into making cards for every occasion. I should blog some of them too.

Robyn and Blake said...

Very cute!