Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Made with a Melody Giveaway

Note: This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. I was compensated for this post, but my opinions are all my own.
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So let's talk teethers.
My babies so far haven't been big droolers.  They never really cared about sucking on toys, chewing their fists, etc.  Until Hazel.  She had a tongue and lip tie corrected at about 2 1/2 months old and ever since then she's been a major slobber-face.  Recently she discovered her (and our) hands, and spends most of her free time drenching whatever she can get her mouth on in baby drool.
So you can imagine I was excited to make the acquaintance of Rachal Depuydt, owner of  a great little shop called "Made with a Melody."  She's a cute lady who spends her kids nap times working hard to make adorable teething rings, teething necklaces, and "Mommy and Me" sets with matching hair bows for her shop.
  She sent a teething ring, as well as a matching Mommy and Me headband/necklace set for me and Hazel.  Hazel is in heaven--she LOVES her little ring teether and you hardly catch her without it these days.  I, of course, love having a stylish accessory that doubles as a built-in distraction for Hazel (and let's be honest, the older kids) at church, while eating dinner, etc.  
Made with a Melody is VERY reasonably priced, exceptionally well-made, and come in tons of cute fabric choices.  Her Etsy shop also offers other great sensory toys for little hands like adorable, soft blocks. Additionally, Rachel takes custom orders and ships her items out super quick!
 So, if you are in the market for teethers, or you'd like a unique shower gift for a friend, daughter-in-law, etc., head on over to Rachel's shop and pick out some of her cute items!
Rachel is also generously allowing me to host a fun giveaway for her!  You can win an adorable Valentine's themed "Mommy and Me" set (either a necklace/headband combo or a necklace/teether combo)!
To enter, just follow the usual entry requirements below:

1. Follow Made with a Melody on Instagram.
2. Follow Craft Rookie on Instagram
3. Tag three friends on the giveaway post on Instagram--each friend tagged=1 additional entry.

4. For a bonus entry, share this post on Facebook and tag me in it so I see it. :)

This giveaway runs through Midnight on Monday, February 8th.  Good luck to all!

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