Sunday, October 14, 2012

First Birthday: Owl Theme

The Birthday Girl Pre-Party.  All decked out in her owl clothes.

The Pinata.  
She loved it.  Every time she hit it with the stick, she giggled and giggled.  One of the highlights of the party for me. :) I tried to take a video, but the kids in the background were too loud.  
Singing Happy Birthday to her.  She loves when everyone sings at her.  She was a little distracted by trying to eat one of the leaves off of the pumpkins, though. (More pictures of the awesome cake my sister made at the bottom of this post.)
The invitations--before I wrote the info on them.
The fireplace--with the pinata and the treat bags we gave away at the end.  
Favor bag.  Each kid got one of these.  They were filled with candy, toys, and owl tattoos.
Rice krispie treat pumpkins for each guest.
Dying our muddy buddies.
The Cake.
It was applesauce cake with homemade applesauce that my mom sent.  One layer had raisins and one didn't.  The design was a collaborative effort between my sister and I, but she did the decorating and I did the baking/frosting making.  The owl, pumpkins, apples, leaves, etc were all handmade with fondant and gum paste and rice krispie treats.
 Look how cute the tree is with those mini-apples. :)  We bought this tree at JoAnn's (it was wooden) and covered it in modeling chocolate.
 Up close of pumpkin.
 Homemade owl sugar cookies.  This was a day's work all on its own.  
 The Table.
We served croissants/hoagies, turkey and ham, cheese options, veggies, mayo/mustard, etc. There was also a veggie tray, chips and dip, homemade pasta salad, and desserts.  The tablecloths were burlap.
 Drink Table.
Cranberry/7Up punch with orange slices, and mason jars for the glasses.
The photo display.
This was one of my favorite things we did, and I wish the pictures did it justice, but it was really hard to get a photo of them all hanging, because there is so much going on in the background with the kitchen behind.  It looks much better in person.  I printed the photos I've been taking of her each month over the past year.  
 And there you have it--the party.  It really turned out well...but I don't think she'll be having another "big" party for a few years.  Maybe when she turns five. :) 

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!!!

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