Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Butterfly Nursery

Chloe's room is slowly coming together.

I finally made the plunge and ordered some vinyl stickers for her wall over her crib.  I hadn't quite known what to do with it until now (even in our old apartment), because I was worried if I put picture frames or wooden letters above her bed that they could fall on her, and I was worried if I put the tissue balls over her crib that they would fall on her (and she would tear them up and eat them).

 I think the vinyl ended up being a good choice.  We'll see how well they stay stuck.
Tissue balls over her changing table.

I had to make new ones when we moved here, because when the movers packed the old ones from her bedroom in Madison, they literally just smashed them into a box.  So frustrating.  Oh well, though, this made it so I could update: I added in a green one this time so I could incorporate more colors into her room besides just pink and purple.
I bought these little butterflies on separate occasions from Goodwill and the DI.  I just painted them with craft paint.  I think they turned out cute.  
They are hanging on the wall right as you walk in her bedroom above the lightswitch.
There are still some things I'd like to do in her room.  For instance, I really want to find a sturdy old rocking chair (or just a comfy chair) that I can put in the corner by the window.  It will be great for that occasional nighttime feeding I still have to do as well as bedtime stories.  

I also need to find a nice little nightstand or bookshelf that I can put her lamp on and a few of her little stuffed animals and stuff.  I have a little row of hooks I bought that I need to find a spot for, too...just not quite sure where to put it yet.  

At least it's progress, though. :)

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TiffanyM said...

I've got those paper balls in my office over my desk! I love them! :)