Monday, June 29, 2009

Firecracker Invitations

I got my inspiration for this idea from Kari at U-Create, here. She got HER inspiration from here.

Since I searched all over town and couldn't find Lifesavers in rolls (they just make them in bags with individual wrappings where I am), I ended up using the small packs of square tootsie rolls as my base for these instead. :) I think they still turned out cute....and I saved a ton of money (.15 cents/each for the tootsie rolls instead of .65 cents/piece for lifesaver rolls).... :)

Now don't hold it against me if you read what the little invitation said. 1) These were just for my mom and sister and grandma so I wasn't worried about perfection (ie printing my invite from the computer to make it look neater), 2) I was in a hurry, 3) The lack of information regarding the time/place of the said BBQ is a little sketchy. This is just because they already know the details of when/ fact, they didn't need the invites at all since I'd already told them when/where, etc! ;)

ANYWAY....if you want to make this cute creation, here's how I did it:

You will need:

4 big tootsie rolls per invitation (or Lifesaver rolls if you have the money/can find them)
Colorful 4th of July scrapbook paper and coordinating ribbon rolls
Red or White or Blue cardstock for the base
Double-sided tape
Regular scotch tape
Any embellishments you want

This is the paper and ribbon I used for my project:

If you noticed on the pictures from the website I got this from, they have a cute little stamped sentiment on the front of the box that says {Independence}. Well, I don't have a word stamp set little enough to say that, so I tried saying "BBQ" and "Party" and "Celebrate" and numerous other words....but I just didn't like how any of them turned out so I ended up just leaving my box blank and adding the ribbon around it. You can be as creative as you like and do it however works best for your occasion.

For the firecrackers, you start by putting ribbon around the rolls and tying it into a knot at the top. That creates the little "explosion" effect or whatever you want to call it. :) I just wrapped it around, taped the heck out of it to make it stay in place, and then tied the knot at the top.

After you have the ribbon secure around it, just cut pieces of paper about the width of the roll. I used tape to tape the beginning of my paper to the roll to keep it from sliding. Then I rolled it around the roll kind of like you would roll up a sleeping bag....if THAT makes sense. :) Then secured it with double-sided tape (so that it wouldn't show).

I thought THAT part was hard, lol. :) Now you have to figure out how to make a little box for the rolls to go in. This was where most of my time went to. I ended up doing this (sorry, this is a simulation of the actual thing...I'm at work filling this out so you have to use your imagination.)

Pretend the markers are your rolls:

Line them up as close together as you can....

Then trace a line in front and back of the line (excuse the scribbles...but if you want you can scribble, no one will see these lines.)
Then sketch something that looks similar to this.....with a front panel, a back panel, and two side panels. You don't have to create the dotted lines, but it just makes it easier to figure out where to cut the side flaps (only maybe make them straighter than I did, lol).
Now cut out the little square.
Then cut along the dotted line (only where it's further).
Then fold all the edges in, and fold along the lines you traced for the base. So every line should have a crease.
Now fold the sides over each other and pinch it tight, and tape it (or glue it). Do the same to the other side....

Now you should have a cute little box that looks something like this:

Now stick your rolls in and make sure they fit!
Perfect! Well, actually, it coulda been tighter for the markers, but you get the idea.

Now you can decorate the box (if you are going to stamp it or something you should probably do that before you assemble it.) Or tie a ribbon around it like I did, or whatever you want. :)

The end product is pretty dang cute. :)

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