Friday, June 5, 2009

Mod Podge Craft Table

I found this table at the thrift store. I looked like it had some potential...but for what, I wasn't sure. I bought it, took it home, sanded it down, primed it, and painted the base and legs.
Of course, I managed to get paint all over me....
I let it dry for a few days...I think I added 2 or 3 coats all together.
My husband was a good sport and helped me mod-podge. :)
I used the kind in the orange bottle called gloss-lustreWe cut different sizes of scrapbook paper and just tried to place it randomly all over the table. This was the hard part, since Mod Podge has the tendency to bubble. We had to go really slowly and keep a close eye on each piece, making sure it was drying flat.
The legs all dry and hooked to the table!
The top of the table...

Once it was all dry, we trimmed the excess paper off of the edges, and then added a couple coats of Shellac to the top so it would be more even and solid--and so kids wouldn't be able to pick at the paper as easily.
All done! We ended up giving this table to my mother in law who runs a daycare. The kids love it and it gets a lot of comments from parents. :) This would be a great project to put in a child's room or a playroom.


megan and darin said...

holy crap that is so cute, and i'm totally going to copy you!

Piccolina Designs said...

totally adorable

Linds said...

This turned out SO CUTE! I love the BoldBlue legs! ANd dont get me started on the top! Mmm!