Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mod Podge Star

Wanna learn how to make this star? Well I'm gonna show you how. It's SIMPLE!

All the supplies you will need:
A metal star
An Exacto Knife
Cute, patterned paper
A pencil
A self-healing mat (or anything to cut on)
A foam brush or paintbrush (sorry, forgot to put it in the picture)
I prefer the orange mod-podge, but any kind will do.
Trace a template of the triangle shape on your star, then cut out your patterned paper. You need to do half with the template one direction, and the the other half with it flipped me, if that doesn't make sense now, it will when you get tracing.

Then mod podge away! I put some mod podge underneath, pasted them all down, and then went back around and covered them in another layer of mod podge.
After the first layer of mod podge was dry, I put on a second coat.
There you have it! Totally easy!
If you find that you have bubbles or wrinkles after you mod podge, just kind of smooth them out with your fingers.

If you have excess paper coming off the tips of the stars, or the sides, then just take a scissor and trim as close to edge of the metal as you can.
Perfect! PS, check out my AWESOME new pink craft table! Stoked about that!

Happy Crafting!


Tyler & Laura said...

That is freaking CUTE! I LOVE IT!

Nielsen Family said...

I made one of these in enrichment for Ryker's room...I still need to add pictures but I really really love it!
Also, that craft table- WHERE DID YOU GET IT?!? I need it!

Melissa said...

I found a horribly painted barn star at the DI a while ago and am totally going to use this idea to cute it up! Thanks!