Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sprinkle/Polka Dot Theme Baby Shower

This past weekend I threw a baby shower for my cousin Amy, who's expecting her first baby (a girl) in May.  Amy doesn't have any sisters, only brothers, so I felt it my cousinly responsibility to put a shower on for her.  Plus, I'll jump at any chance to throw a little shin-dig!  I roped my mom and sister into helping me pull my plans off, and I also had a few of my cousins pitch in. :) We held it at our church, because we expected a pretty big group, and it turned out really cute, if I do say so myself!
The theme was "Polka Dots," but basically it was a combination of sprinkles, confetti, bright colors, and anything with polka dots I could find. :)  I think the hardest part about throwing a party is finding decor that you're happy with that is cohesive!  I drug my poor babies all around town for weeks looking for the perfect napkins, balloons, etc.
We found out the day of the shower that there was also a funeral as well as a completely different baby shower happening in the same church building we were using!  I whipped up this sign so our guests would know where to go.  Yay for crayons at the last minute! ;-)
 We served a refreshment table made of mostly desserts--after all, we had to incorporate bright colors and sprinkles into everything!  

Party Popcorn Ball cones.
 Dipped Oreos.  (These taste like those Circus Animal cookies, in case you are wondering!)
 Red Velvet Cake.
 M&M  brownies.
Have you ever heard of The Thanksgiving Letter from Awkward Family Photos?  If you go HERE it will refresh your memory, and if you haven't seen it--now's your chance. Anyway, my sister has been calling me "Marney" ever since I enlisted the help of my cousins because i sent them specific recipes and told them I wanted them in clear or white serving dishes.  Hey, to my least I didn't ask them to bring their items in "Regulation-sized casserole dishes." ;-)

 I asked one of my cousins to make this "Rainbow Salsa."  It was a nice change from all the sweetness, and was a hit.
Another cousin was assigned this Honey-Lime Rainbow Fruit Salad:
Yet another cousin supplied the Veggie tray:
Since we had so many sweet things, I didn't want to do a sweet drink like punch, so I just had ice water.  I got a chance to feature my new wool felt ball strand from The Strand!  It looked so cute and festive there, and was actually the inspiration for my whole theme, which I'll talk about more in my post tomorrow.  Watch for a great giveaway!
 Game prizes: "Dots" and M&M's. :)  
 The gift table:
  You can't see very well from this picture, but the party favors were chocolate-dipped pretzel rods with sprinkles.  
I think Amy had a nice time, which is what was important.  I'm excited for her to have her baby girl in a couple of months.  For more details and links to recipes used for the refreshments, follow me @craft.rookie on Instagram where I'll be posting more details throughout the week. 

PS: As I mentioned earlier in this post--check back tomorrow for a review and giveaway from The Strand.  She has an adorable shop.  You won't want to miss it!

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