Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Letter Decor Using Yarn

I wanted to do some sort of letters hanging over the beds in the kid's room I'm working on.  I was originally going to buy wooden ones and mod podge them with scrapbooking paper, as I have done several times in different variations.  See HERE and HERE.

I just couldn't find the wood ones at a pricepoint I was willing to pay (or else they didn't have all the letters I needed in one style), so I ended up settling on the 3-D cardboard ones.  (They are from JoAnn's Fabric.)

My intention at that point was still to mod podge scrapbook paper on them, but then I got thinking...mod podge and cardboard leave very little room for error.  The mod podge would soak straight up into the cardboard, and we'd have a big mess on our hands.

Enter: Yarn.  I bought variegated yarn from Michaels.  (Baby boy's is similar, but has dark blue instead of pink).  It was easy, just time consuming.  Start at the top (back) of your letter, and put a dab of hot glue.  Set your yarn on the hot glue and let it get nice and dry, and then just start wrapping the yarn around and around.  The curves are tricky, because the yarn wants to slide down and not cover everywhere, but you just have to be patient and kind of go back and forth (as you can see on all the corners of the "O.")  The "O" was the trickiest, because I had to thread the yarn through the center of the hole each time.  The "E" was the easiest, because the yarn wrapped long-wise, so it took much less time.  

If you are finding that the yarn is slipping (I noticed this mostly on the "E" because it has so many square edges and the yarn would sort of pop off on the corners), just add a dab of hot glue where needed and make sure it's not too goopy.  Do your best to add the majority of the glue to the back of it, instead of the front.  

Here is my daughter's name all done:
I'm about halfway done with baby boy's name, but I don't want to post it on here because his name is not general public knowledge just yet. :)  Maybe I'll update with one of the letters when I'm done so you can at least see the yarn I chose for him. 

Happy Crafting!!

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