Friday, September 6, 2013

Spray Painted Fruit Bowl

Here's a super-quick and easy makeover.

I have this bowl...we got it for our wedding and it's orange and blue with flowers on it.

So anyway, I LOVE the shape of the bowl, and how it has these circles etched into it that give it great texture, but we just have nowhere to put something with that kind of color scheme. So out came the spray paint. Well....first I primed it....
THEN out came the spray paint.

That's it! All done!
Now go find something that needs some spray paint! It can totally transform something and make it work for the room you are decorating.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. I love that color blue

Lee said...

Love that!

Nielsen Family said...

I love it! That is what I am going to do with those awful dishes I still have from MY wedding- YAY!