Monday, July 20, 2015

Coral and Aqua Baby Sprinkle and Brunch

Jessame asked a couple months back if I'd like a baby shower.  Since I didn't really need anything much in the way of gear or clothing, but I did like the idea of celebrating this baby with family and friends (who have never been to a baby shower for me before), we decided we'd do a little "Sprinkle" and have some brunch.

Jessame never does anything half-way, though.  This brunch was magazine-worthy.  From the decorations, to the party favors, to the food, everything was perfect.  (Not to mention, the whole scheme matched her new remodel!  Haha!)

It was also the first and only night I've slept away from my kids.  Ever.  I went up Friday night to help her out with last-minute decorations and food prep.  It was weird to be kid-free!
 Pink and aqua macaroons for party favors.  
Chocolate chip crumb cakes.  My mom made these out of our favorite chocolate chip cake recipe, so was cake.  And delicious!
 Mini parfaits.  She even special-ordered these tiny glasses and spoons just for them.
 French toast kabobs.
 Mini pancake stacks.
Mini quiche. 
 Egg and bacon cups.  These were the hit of the party!  
 Hash brown bites.
 Virgin "Mimosas" made with orange juice, limeade, and 7-Up.  So tasty!

 Thanks for a great party, Jess!!!  And thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us.  We can't wait to meet this baby girl in a few weeks!

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