Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Glamour Gels: Review & Giveaway

Note: I was compensated for this post, but my opinions are all my own.  See how you can win a chance to try out Glamour Gels yourself at the bottom of this post!

A few months ago I was introduced to Glamour Gels in Draper via Mom Crush Monday's blog launch event.  My sisters and I had a great time chatting, eating yummy food, and getting pampered in their cute salon! 
So I decided to take Chloe for a little Mommy-Daughter morning a couple of weeks ago.  Chloe was SO excited and had been looking forward to it so much she could barely sleep the night before.  She had her nail color all picked out--Christmas red with sparkles.  She was practically jumping out of her skin all morning waiting to go!
 When we arrived, she LOVED looking at all the fun nail polish choices, and even though she knew what she wanted before she got there, she still pondered a bit.  Plus, there were like 18 red shades to choose from, so the girl still had work on her hands. 
We waited in their super-glam lobby while the Master Nail Techs got our stations ready.  We took some selfies, and of course Chloe had to try out every chair.  They even brought me a (much-needed) Diet Coke, and the little princess got some ice water. 
They walked us back to our fancy chairs, and Chloe was beaming!  My favorite part was when they did the sugar scrub on her feet--she was giggling like crazy.  The curse of ticklish feet!  LOL.  
Her least favorite part was waiting for me to get done with my pedi while her toes dried.  #firstworldproblems 
Look at her cute little toes in those big flip flops.  I thought they were hilarious!
Our pedicures took just the right amount of time, Chloe felt like a princess (and made sure to talk her nail tech's ear off), and my feet felt baby soft when we were done!  Chloe's did too, but they were already like that before, so...
We had such a nice time and I hope this becomes a new tradition for us.  It's hard to have your baby get bigger, but it's fun to get to watch her enjoy some "grown up" things.  Because let's be honest: Who doesn't like getting pampered?

Speaking of getting pampered, one lucky reader gets a chance to win a pedicure!  The timing of this giveaway is perfect--your feet will look their best for all the upcoming holiday events!  Maybe you can even choose Christmas Red with Sparkles as your nail color choice.  Chloe would certainly approve!

So how do you enter?  

3. Tag THREE or more friends in SEPARATE comments on the Instagram Giveaway Post!  

DISCLAIMER: You need to be local (or be willing to travel to Salt Lake/Utah County) to win this giveaway.  Glamour Gels is located just off of the 11400 S exit on the border of Sandy/Draper in the Scheels parking lot.  
Good luck to all who enter!  This giveaway will run from tonight (11/30) through Monday (12/5) at Midnight.  Don't miss out on your chance to enter!  Your feet will thank you.

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