Monday, August 8, 2016

Beachfront Baby Wrap

Note: This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. I was compensated for this post, but my opinions are all my own.

I'm excited for the chance to talk a little bit about Beachfront Baby Wraps!  Have you been curious about the mesh or swim-style wraps that have been all over social media recently?  
Read on!
First, I quickly want to say that I'm going out of my comfort zone a bit on this one.  I had to use my Instagram Husband to get these shots for me...and being on this side of the camera is not something I'm used to!  Wonder why there are so many pictures of my kids on Instagram?  Because I am not a model.  Not even a little bit.  However, after looking through the pics he snapped, it was fun to see what life looks like from the outside.  It made me realize I should work on capturing more moments like this. We had an enjoyable "Fun Friday"--Costco snack bar for dinner, pondering over Halloween costume options, and grocery shopping with the kids.
So onto the wrap.  

I contacted Beachfront Baby because up until this point (three children) I have never tried a wrap--only carriers like Bjorns and Ergo's.   I have had friends swear by wraps, and one of my good friends has been raving about her swim wrap and has a baby just a bit younger than Hazel, so I figured it was time to jump in and give them a try!  

So...all of this is coming from a completely inexperienced wrap or sling wearer.
The Pro's:

1. The Beachfront can be worn in water--in fact, it's encouraged!  It is made of a mesh material, so it can be worn while you are swimming, showering, etc. to keep baby nice and secure, and then dries quickly out of the water.  I'm excited to try that feature out, but haven't yet because I haven't been swimming at all this summer (I know, I know...), and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to post shower pics on the worldwide web ever.  SO, my experience thus far with the wrap has been limited to grocery we'll move on to pro number two.  

2.  It's very lightweight.  Unlike the Ergo or Bjorn, I haven't felt like Hazel or I have been uncomfortably warm after wearing for a bit.  I live in Utah, and this summer has been a beast.  I can't remember the last time it was lower than about 85 in the middle of the day when I'm typically out and about.  

3.  Great color choices, nicely made, and they feel secure.  I haven't been worried about fabric ripping, rings coming loose, or anything like that as I have worn it.  It's very well-made, and it comes with a very detailed instruction manual for baby-wearing rookies like me!

4. Hazel really enjoys it.  I didn't really babywear with her much--even in the Ergo--until recently, and I've been pleasantly surprised by how much she loves.  The sling was the same.  She cuddled right up to me and was full of hugs and snuggles.  Can't say I hated that. ;-)
The Con's.

1.  Even though the instructions show you how to put it on, I sort of feel like it requires two people to get it on properly.  I'm sure as I get more confident and quicker at it, that will change....but for now I have found that as I'm putting it on I am wishing a bit for the more simple strap-and-go style of the carriers I'm used to.

2.  It requires a little more supervision.  Unlike my Ergo, which I feel like I can pretty much use hands-free, the ring sling requires you to keep one hand on baby.  I find that a little inconvenient when I'm out shopping, for example, because it's pretty hard to lug a box of diapers into my cart or things like that with only one hand.  

Those two things above said, I have to say--the ability to have some support and control of your baby while in the water (whether swimming or showering, or even at the splash pad) in circumstances where you otherwise can't use a traditional carrier, makes this an excellent product to own.
Honestly, I'm probably going to continue to wear my Ergo for my everyday outings, but the Beachfront Baby ring sling will be tucked away nicely in my beach bag for those impromptu trips to the splash pad!

JUST FYI Beachfront Baby also sells traditional wraps (made of mesh).  So if you aren't a ring sling fan, but love to wrap, you should take a look!  Outdoor summer trips (to the zoo, the fair, the rodeo, etc) are a great reason to have a lightweight, breathable quick-dry wrap option!
Thanks Beachfront Baby for the opportunity to try out your awesome product!  I'm excited to see how many more ways I find to make use of it, even into the cooler months. :)  

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