Tuesday, August 30, 2016

BapronBaby Review

There's no great answer.  Either you have to wash them after every single use, or they get a weird sour smell after wiping them down every day, or the velcro starts to wear out after two weeks.  You can't win.
I have a bib drawer...and it's FULL of bibs of all varieties.  I never use any of them, because the maintenance is more trouble than the mess itself!  Until BapronBaby.  
BapronBaby was started by a gal I went to high school with, and I got in touch with her when she started posting about her great new product!  I was intrigued.  It doesn't stain, it dries quickly, you can run it through the washing machine...all the best of the bib worlds. :)
So far it's lived up to its hype.  Hazel reaches out to have it put on before mealtime and it fits her comfortably and covers her clothes completely--right over her shoulders!  Even when she turns her head quickly to look at her big sister or brother mid-spoonful, her messy chin doesn't leave a streak on the neck of her clothes.
Bonus points?  BapronBaby has the cutest prints.  I mean...how adorable is the Aztec style?  She also has dinosaurs, flowers, sports-themed, and many more!  If you are a mom facing the same bib dilemma I've been fighting for years, it's time to upgrade!  
Disclaimer: I received discounts for this product, but my opinions are all my own.  

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