Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Flannel Burp Cloths

*Originally published in January 2013*

I know I have been sorely neglecting this blog, but it's mostly because I haven't been doing anything too crafty lately.  I've recently started to get back into doing little projects because we're expecting a baby boy in April, so I had to get my behind into gear and make a few baby items!  Today I made burp cloths.  I went about it very simply:

1. Buy flannel.  I did 1/2 yard of each fabric (so 1/2 yard for your main fabric, plus 1/2 a yard in a coordinating one for the back.)  This will make you 3-4 burp cloths.  It sort of depended on how the people at the store cut the pieces.  If they cut them evenly, you really should be able to get four out of each 1/2 yard+1/2 yard (if that makes sense!)

2. Cut the flannel out in the shape you want the burp cloth.  I did sort of an hourglass pattern because I like to have an indent for the cloth to sit on my shoulder.  You could also just do squares if that's easier.

3. Iron out any deep creases or folds in the fabric, then put them back-to-back, pin them, and stitch in a zig zag around the burp cloth.  I went around twice so they'd be nice and strong.  

4. Take a pair of pinking shears and cut around the edges.  I have no doubt these will still fray pretty bad around the edges once they are washed, but I'm okay with that, since it saved me tons of time to not have to worry about stitching them front-to-front, then inside-outing them and top stitching.  I'm not really going for gorgeous here--just functional.  
Voila!  You have tons of burp cloths.  A total of 4 yards of fabric gave me 13 burp cloths when all was said and done, so not too shabby if you ask me--just make sure you buy your flannel when it's half off!!
If you want a more "finished" look, you can also try this tutorial from when I made burp cloths for my daughter.  It requires buying cloth diapers for backing, which can cost a bit more, but they are definitely nice and absorbent and washed up really well over and over again.  I plan to use them for this baby too--mostly at home though, since they are more girly and are a little worn out at this point.

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