Friday, July 12, 2013

Come Fly With Me

I don't think I ever posted the final result of the Hot Air Balloon nursery I put together for my kiddos.  
Pillow made of muslin and felt.
 Mobile made of felt, string, and wooden dowels.
 Balloons made of rubber balls from Walmart, yarn, and baskets from Hobby Lobby.
 Chloe's side of the room.  Poster and frame from Hobby Lobby.  Pennant banner made of scrapbook paper.
 Letters purchased at JoAnn's, and then I wrapped the yarn around them and secured them with hot glue.
 Bedding from
 Cache's side of the room.
 Changing table and rocking chair.
 These balloons are just made of scrapbook paper with wood for backing.
 My sister made this adorable afghan to match the room.  (Sorry...blurry cell phone pic.)

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