Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Wow, I've been really MIA, haven't I?  

Perhaps it's due to the fact that I spent most of April packing and organizing and then visiting family, and most of May getting ready to move.  There hasn't been a lot of crafting going on around these parts, and now, once again, we are in a hotel for a few weeks, so I don't anticipate much crafting in my near future.

Soon enough, though, we will be moving into our new house, and then the crafting can commence once again!

I did manage to squeak out a few bibs and a dress for the babe awhile back.

I also scored this set of primary color bowls for a friend.  Go Goodwill!

 Last, how awesome are these cute tire swings?? 
(Horse, Giraffe, Elephant)

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