Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pillowcase Dress & Baby Headbands

My friend Eliza and I have been working on pillowcase dresses for our baby girls this past week. I finally finished mine tonight after buying the ribbon I needed for the straps. I think it turned out super cute! I also made this headband to match it. I made it a little big because it needs to fit her noggin at the same time as the dress--which I'm hoping will be this summer. I really liked how it turned out. I've discovered making baby clothes is a labor of love. I think I will continue to purchase 99% of her wardrobe instead of making stuff, but on occasion it can be a fun little challenge.

A much less time-consuming craft we've also been dabbling in lately is headbands (as previewed above).

I had planned before Chloe was born to put headbands on her a lot, but as it turns out, I usually only put them on long enough to take a few photos or for church because they tend to leave marks on her head that make me feel guilty. My new-found solution is to buy adult elastic headbands because then they sit on her head way looser and don't leave marks.

I've been dolling them up by glue-gunning flowers and bows onto them. I'm excited to have people (hopefully) stop mistaking my poor bald child for a boy (granted, this only happens when she's in her car seat and her bright girlie clothes are covered with her blanket...but it's still annoying.)(Purple bow and purple elastic from Hobby Lobby.)
Navy felt bow made by Eliza, white elastic headband from Hobby Lobby
(Black checkered bow from Hobby Lobby, Black elastic from Walgreens.)
(Hot pink flowers from Joann's, pink headband from Hobby Lobby)
(Red polka dot bow and black elastic headband from Hobby Lobby)

Wes calls this her "Nephite Headband." I think it just looks too far forward because it's wide and she has no hair in front. :)This last one is to match her Easter dress which is made out of this fabric:Cute, right?
(Gray flowers from Target, neon yellow elastic headband from Walgreens.)

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