Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Headband Tutorial

This is super-quick and easy. Each headband was completed in about 10 minutes or so...ANYONE can handle that time-frame, right?

First off, you just need a roll of ribbon (15 feet or more). I get my ribbon in the sewing section at Hobby Lobby. it oftentimes goes half off, and even when it's not it's only $1.99 a roll. You also need a hot glue gun and an old (or new and boring) headband.
Start by putting hot glue on the end of one side of the headband, then quickly--before it cools!--place the ribbon onto the hot glue and pinch hard with your finger until it's dry (you might get a little burnt, so be careful!)
Once the hot glue has dried, the ribbon should be pretty secure. Then you can start wrapping.
(PS this is the reason I never paint my nails--they always end up chipping within a couple of days, and I'm too lazy to get out the nail polish remover.)
Keep wrapping at even intervals. I like this checkered ribbon because I can wrap it around really evenly by following the checks.
Keep wrapping...make sure you are pulling the ribbon very tight with each wrap-around. You don't want it sagging at all. If you notice it's sagging, back up and pull it tighter.
When you have it wrapped around to the very end, apply some more hot glue, and put the ribbon over the glue and pinch tight again until it dries. You'll have some excess ribbon (most likely) so just trim it off (preferrably on the inside of the band where it won't show.)
And viola it is done!
Now just choose your buttons (0r other embellishments). You could also do flowers, a bow, etc, etc. I chose some vintage buttons for this navy blue headband.
Then hot glue them on where you want them, and you are all ready to wear it!
And there you have it! A simple, quick tutorial. And in less than a half an hour, you could have a bunch of headbands to go with any outfit!


Rockie said...

I love your blog. I just gave you an award!

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Stephanie R. said...

I love this!! Im guessing this would work with the skinnier head bands too?

I really want to try this!

hair accessories said...

The headband is sooo pretty. I have that same fabric, now I know what I’m gonna do this weekend. Can’t wait to raid my scraps and make one. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial.