Monday, March 8, 2010

Pink & Orange Wedding Decor: Tablecloths

My mom and I spent our Saturday busy creating table squares, table runners, and little round placemats for the bistro tables at my little sister's wedding.

Observe:For some reason the pink looks kind of purpley, and the orange looks a little bit yellowish...but they are really all bright orange and bright pink.If you haven't noticed, her "colors" are pink and orange.This tablecloth is to go underneath of the cake on the cake table.
These are the lanterns she ordered, and I think they are going to look awesome!

All in all, I think things are turning out pretty cute so far.


Julianne said...

Cute!! You are so talented! Her wedding will be ADORABLE.

Nielsen Family said...

I love them! Our colors were "sunset" so pink, red and orange...oh how I love those colors!

Jason and Naomi Clark said...

I saw this and thought of my little sister, she would absolutely love these for her wedding! You are so creative!