Friday, July 31, 2009

Quick Ironing Board a sneak-peak!

I got this ironing board last year when we got married. It's just one of those little half-sized ones that you can set up on a table to use. Well, it always had a super-ugly cover, but a few weeks ago when I made appliqued onesies, I sort of had an accident: I appliqued the wrong side of the applique paper and so it sorta started sticking to my ironing board before I realized what was going on! So anyway, now I have a big old ugly burn mark on my already-ugly ironing board.

Yesterday I saw a picture of someone who covered an ironing board just like mine (sorry if the person who did it reads this...I looked and looked for your blog this morning and I just can't re-find it! So if you read this and you want me to link to your ironing board, I totally will.) UPDATE: Here's the link to the blog I found this idea on: Click Here. Thanks Mary from Lively Lamas!

Back to the it's very simple. All you need is an ironing board, scissors, some cute material, an iron (to iron the material), and a staple-gun.
On to the tutorial:

First thing's first: Iron your material (isn't that IRON-ic?) hahaha--Double-pun!
Now flip your ironing board upside-down on your material and make sure you have the right amount. Trim off any excess (after making sure you have enough to wrap around and staple, of course.) If you want more detailed instructions on this, you can see this previous post on re-covering a chair. It's the same basic concept.
Next, start stapling. Don't do it on the very edge of the board, or the taught-ness might cause the material to rip away from the staples. On the other hand, don't do it too far in, or your material may ripple a little on the top and not be taught enough. Just find a happy medium....maybe about 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch from the edge?Make sure on the corners you pull it really tight to make it smooth. As you can see, I kind of fold the material (pinch may be a better word) and staple right on the fold. Staple all the way around, just like that and wha-la! An easy-peasy new ironing board cover that costs less than a dollar (when you get your fabric for dirt cheap in the clearance scraps section at Hobby Lobby!)
Happy Crafting! If you have questions, message me and I will for sure reply. :)

Also...keep your eye out for my big plans for this:
Trust's gonna be good! (It'll have to be....did you SEE those hideous cushions!?!?)


mari_contrary said...

Seriously just for curiosity's sake - I just did a re-cover on my blog, was it me? I don't need a link, I'm just curious. It would make the little blogger in me feel pretty special, haha. :)

Debilou ~ Mississippi Mama said...

that coffee table looks familiar,,, we had one just like it growing up, no lie, identical. Cant wait to see wht you do with it.