Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Cards

So starting in about October/November every year, I begin keeping my eyes peeled for coupon codes to the typical Christmas Card printing sites.  This year, they kept sucking me in with their steep discounts and "free" offers, and then I'd spend all evening designing something only to find out that "Just Pay Shipping!" meant "Just pay the full price of our cards--disguised as shipping!"  No thank you.
That's when I discovered that there's a shop in my own town that prints adorable Christmas cards, gives you one-on-one advice (they reprinted my cards twice over the phone so the lady could tell me if my pictures looked crisp), and then they wrap them up for you in gift wrap.  
ProDigital Photos has THE CUTEST cards to choose from, and did I mention yet that their shop is darling?  It was decorated so festive, and they even had a tray of Smarties for the kids (which they promptly pocketed far more than their share of) and that kept them busy while I picked up my order.  On top of all of that, they even donated cards to my PICU project, which you'll hear more about in the upcoming week or two! :)
When I passed my cards out to family, they all commented on how awesome they were and asked where I got them.  I was proud to explain that I got them from a local shop that helped me design them.
ProDigital Photos is located in Pleasant Grove, UT, so for all my local followers, this is the place to go for cards this holiday season!  If you aren't local, good news--they have FREE SHIPPING throughout December so hurry and order now!
FYI: You can get darling holiday cards even without getting professional family pictures done!  I know a lot of people say they don't do holiday cards on any given year because they didn't get family photos.  Well guess what?  Neither did I--and I'm still SO glad I got to update my friends and family with snapshots of our year.  
Do it!  Order!  You won't regret it!  OH, and by the way--they have a giveaway on their Instagram feed that ends tomorrow at midnight!  You could win $100 toward your holiday cards!  Head over there by clicking HERE to enter now!
Happy Designing!

XOXO, Dani

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