Friday, March 26, 2010

Scrabble Art

I have seen scrabble pieces being used all over the web for various crafting purposes, so when I ran across my own bag at the D.I. for a buck, I was in heaven! I've had these sitting on my craft table for a couple of weeks now, and the other night as I was falling asleep an idea for what to do with (a few of) them hit me!

My little sister is getting married in approximately 6 weeks. Her name is Britton, and her fiance is Erik. Here's what I came up with....
Cute, right? :) Here's what you need to make your own:

Mod podge, a foam brush, scrapbook paper, a frame--old or new, scrabble pieces, double-sided scrapbook adhesive stickers (or glue dots).
Pick out the letters you plan to use:
Choose your scrapbook paper for the background and mod podge it directly onto the frame backing.
Once it has dried a little bit, you can start deciding what embellishments you want to add:
Then place your letters in the position you want them on the backing, and then lay the frame over to makes sure you have plenty of room from the edges.
I used the double-sided adhesives for everything--including the backs of the scrabble pieces. So far they are still sticking fine, but I may end up hot-gluing or glue-dotting the backs of the pieces instead if they start to come loose...
Once you've stuck all your scrabble pieces on, you are done! Now take pictures of it from all angles because you know you are proud of it....And viola! You are done! This is a great wedding gift idea for anyone you know that is getting married this spring/summer. I think the whole project took me about 20 minutes from start to finish, so it really is pretty quick, and it's a great way to use the bride and grooms name in a project--because that's really popular right now (and I always wanted to be popular. ;)) 

It would also make a cute baby shower gift with colors to match the nursery and the baby's name (assuming the parents have announced it by the time the shower rolls around.)  This is also a cute anniversary or Valentine's Day gift idea.

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