Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Great Web Finds

Love these.  Great colors and texture.
 Adorable pinwheels!
 Cook your breaded chicken on a cooling rack to help it get crispy (instead of soggy) on the bottom.
 Beautiful succulents!
 Great lighting idea!
 Outdoor pillows out of vinyl tablecloths.
 Tree stumps for tables (I would do this on a patio, though.)
 Love those stools.
 Hanging planters with vines for privacy on your patio.
 Hanging flat-sided cups onto the inside of your bathroom cupboards for storage.  This would work in a kitchen for serving spoons, too.
 Get rid of mis-matched shampoo and conditioner bottles, and fill up uniform plastic containers instead.
 Store extra toilet paper in a cylindrical vase for a clean but functional look.
 I love the idea of hanging a roll of paper towels in your bathroom cupboard for cleaning.

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