Sunday, June 3, 2012

Interior Awesomeness

Some of my recent favorites from Better After.

I've been eyeing chairs like these ones everywhere I go.  I really want a cute, unique pair of chairs to go in my new living room.  If you ask the husband, though, it's coming after the flat screen TV.  Makes sense, I suppose, since so far every major purchase we've made has been because I pushed for it.  House, anyone?  Appliances?   I think it's time for his TV.

Perhaps we'll splurge and get a 26-incher.  Kidding, kidding. :)
 Love these bench ones too.  How cute for an entryway somewhere or an empty wall.
 Loving these lamps.  I'm pretty sure they just painted the glass on those pretty turquoise ones, and it's really easy to recover a lampshade in fabric like those yellow ones.  See HERE.
Actually, loving this whole bedroom.
Awesome end table re-do.  I actually have one shaped just like this just begging for an update.

 These remind me of THIS makeover I did a couple years back.  These bright chairs really dress up an office or craft room.
 Dressers?  How easy would this be to paint?  It looks really custom--but it would just take some creative use of painter's tape and a trip to the craft store for some cute knobs.
 This one looks stenciled.  So cute!

Love this neat "Ombre" dresser.  How do you properly use the word "Ombre" in a sentence?  

Other random favorites:
Hutch top to kid kitchen:
Beautiful chair/step-stool recover:
 Also, loving these chair makeovers.  Perfect for under a desk, a set for a dining room, or even just a stray chair in a corner somewhere.  With a little endtable, maybe? :)

 For these and more great before and afters, head on over to Better After.  You can narrow down your search to look for specific types of makeovers (bathroom, kitchen, nursery, etc) by looking in the "Categories" list in her right sidebar. 

Til next time!

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