Thursday, March 1, 2012

Solutions to Everyday Problems

This list of ideas came in a forwarded email to me this morning (thanks, Mom!). I'm not sure what the original source is, but I just had to share some of my favorites...

Turn a muffin tin upside down (this one is all fancy shaped, but you could use a regular tin) and press cookie dough around them, bake them, and voila--cookie bowls to put ice cream in!
Put a tension rod under your sink in your bathroom or kitchen to hang your spray cleaners on.Keep apples from going brown in your kid's lunchbox by securing an elastic around it.Organize your craft supplies by using plastic cups and a muffin tin--secure the cups to the tin by putting a magnet on the bottom of each cup.Use baby powder to get sand off of your child's legs at the beach.
Use a straw to get the stems off of strawberries.
Store your flat and fitted sheet, and the second pillowcase inside of the other pillowcase to keep sets together. (I love those sheets, too--very pretty.)
Put an old nylon stocking over the end of a vacuum hose to pick up items you want to find, but not suck up the vacuum (like earrings or bobby pins).
Secure some wire to the top of a closet to keep your wrapping paper organized and out of the way.
Cut x's out of a shoebox lid to make a homemade cupcake holder or carrier.
Rub a walnut over scratches in your wooden furniture.
Who knew, right?


Robyn said...

I will have to remember those tricks!

The Pugsleys said...

Thanks! Love all these ideas!!