Wednesday, December 7, 2011

17 Days Until Christmas

Delicious peppermint bark!Bake brownies right into cookie cutters, decorate, and then give away as neighbor gifts with the cookie cutters as part of the gift. :) Great idea! Cute Santa Hat cake pops.
Beautifully wrapped and simple gifts.Staircase with a bit of a crafty twist.
Flat gingerbread houses--so much easier than the 3-D ones. And more edible. ;)Green waffles=cute Christmas tree. (Bacon for trunk, peaches or cantelope for star, berries for ornaments.

Beautiful garland idea.
These would make cool neighbor gifts with some hot chocolate mix.
Red and silver pinecones.

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alexfrankie said...

Mary Robles

alexfrankie said...

I been a follower of your blog Craft Rookie for about a year now.

alexfrankie said...

I just liked Shabby Apple on Facebook. I have been to their website several times, and love the clothes.

sylvia said...

Dear Craft Rookie,
I love your blog!
Today, you are my daily inspiration :-)

Kind regards,