Thursday, September 16, 2010

Making the Most of Your Pumpkins

Martha Stewart may not be my favorite person in the world (in fact she kind of gives me the shivers if I ever see her on a commercial or anything) but her site is FULL of good holiday ideas. never fails to disappoint in giving me some inspiration for the coming seasons.

 Check out these cool pumpkin ideas:
(mostly I love the black jar w/the lid in this one:)This is such a pretty Fall display that you could keep up well into November (as long as everything didn't freeze!)How cute is this for a festive fall party?Glittery pumpkins? So easy and fun!

Use albino pumpkins and create these (extremely time consuming) lace-like lanterns.
Use your pumpkins as planters.  Mums are just coming into season now, they'd be perfect!

Don't want to answer the door for every Trick-or-Treater?  Here's a great idea.  (Or set it on a refreshment table at a party.)
 A lid for a soup tureen?  "Soup"er cute!


Life in Rehab said...

I am SO doing that pumpkin drink cooler!

Kristen Halligan said...

Love some of these ideas! Fall is such a fun time to decorate!

The Morrisseys said...

Glitter Pumpkin?! Heck Yes!
I have agree with you about Martha Stewart, she's got a weird vibe about her, and when I say I want to be her, I dont mean HER, I more want to be someone who is organized and creative lol

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Love the drinks in the carved pumpkin.. soooo cute!!