Wednesday, August 4, 2010

White Bedspreads

Dear Husband,

Since our anniversary is coming up in 11 days, and since you've been asking me what I want, here's a great idea:

A white bedspread like one of these....So I can begin my love affair with our future bedroom that will look something like this:
(PS I still want one of those necklaces from HERE I showed you).

And while we're on the subject of anniversaries, what kind of electronic gadget can I give you permission to buy for yourself? :)


Missy said...

My anniversary is tomorrow, 15 yrs, and I had no idea what he wanted. He kept drooling over viola d'amores, so I told him to order one for himself! I usually like to surprise him, but that was a little out of my realm - lol! I also can't get him to read my blog, so you're lucky your husband reads yours!
Happy Anniversary!

Jenny said...

Happy almost Anniversary. Let me know how this extreme "hint" works out for the occasion!