Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lollipop Sugar Cookies

Be Different, Act Normal never fails to feature something awesome that makes me wish I had more ambition and more time to try stuff out. Check out these super-cute lollipop cookies from The Decorated Cookie:
Ummm, too cute, right?

Also, if you need a tried-and-true sugar cookie recipe, feel free to use the one I posted HERE.  (It's my Great Grandma's recipe.)  NOTE: This recipe isn't really for "soft" sugar cookies.  They are a little bit more stiff, but I love them that way. 


Lorie said...

Now we are even because I am going to be singing lollipop, lollipop all night!

Lorie said...

And thank you. ;D I wish I had more ambition too!

Michele said...

These are adorable!! FYI..I found a cookie blog at Whimsy Cookie out these cookies...Laurie from Whimsy is so talented!!

Holly said...

These are too cute. Perfect for so many occasions.
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