Thursday, September 5, 2013

Towel Wrap with Straps

So for a couple years now I have had one of these (the towel, not the model):
I can't live without it, because I HATE blow-drying my hair with my clothes on because then I get hair all over my shirt. So I love my towel-wrap...except mine didn't have that cute floral pattern, AND I don't look nearly as good in it as that model does.

ANYWAY, so my old one was getting worn out, and it closed with Velcro, which wasn't holding on very well anymore...AND it was super-thin, so I'd get cold while I was wearing it.

So I set off to make myself a new, thick, long, lovely towel wrap for myself.
You thought I was going to model in it, didn't you? Not in a tra-zillion years....

Ain't it cute? I'm going to show you how I made it.

First, you need two big bath towels (you could actually probably get by with a bath towel and a hand-towel, but all I had were two matching bath towels, so I just sacrificed the second one for the straps. You'll see what I mean in a minute....)
So to make the straps, you just cut off one end of the towel. I did it about six inches wide...but you could get by with more like 4 inches if you wanted to.
Then I folded the piece in half and pinned it like so:
Then I sewed up the edge and inside-outed it (just like the apron strings in THIS tutorial a few weeks ago.)

Now you are done with your sewing machine...that is, unless you have a super-thin towel, or a sewing machine with the ability to sew through super-thick layers. If you are like me, then this is the time to get out your trusty needle and thread and get ready to do some hand-stitching.

Before you start sewing, you are going to want to wrap the towel around you and measure where you want the straps to be...then pin it. Do this without clothing on or you won't get them in the right spot (I did it WITH clothes on and had to move my straps later...a pain in the tooshie.)

So figure out where the straps need to be, then sew them on by hand (or, like I said, with your sewing machine, if it can handle the thick layers.)
At this point, you can decide how you want to make it stay together in the front. Like I said, the one I bought from the store had Velcro, but I decided to do mine with snaps instead.....(the other bad thing about Velcro is that since you are using the towel while you blow-dry your hair, etc. the Velcro tends to catch hairs and lint from the towel which is annoying to try and pick out...but it's up to you.)

So on to the's what I used....
Try the towel on (again, without clothes) and put a pin where you want the buttons to go. Then stitch on your buttons. :) I actually did two sets of buttons just to make it extra-secure, but that's up to you.
Once all your buttons are sewed on, you are almost done! That was easy, right?
When I got it all done, it bugged me that I could see where I had sewn on the first button. It looked like this up close:
So my solution was to sew a cute button over the top just for show.
Voila, NOW you are done. :)
You have probably noticed that I have excess fabric hanging down after my button. If that bugs you on yours, you can trim the fabric down and re-hem it, or else add an extra snap to make it line up with the other snaps at the top...but I personally decided I kind of liked the look of it hanging down almost like a sash. :) Once again, it's up to you. You could make this towel a million ways, and add all kinds of embellishments like ribbon, etc to it....this tutorial is just to plant seeds of ideas in your head that can inspire your own version. ;)


The Harris Family said...

Thanks for this tutorial. I have been wanting one of these towels for a while but I am to cheap to buy one. I love the button you added.

Jared and Delia said...

I really like this tutorial! You are so talented. I would never think to make it myself!

Cristal Hughes said...

Love this idea and instructions!!