Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My To-Do List

Since I started perusing craft blogs a few months ago, I've acquired quite the collection of "have-to-make-this" posts. I know this post is long....but here is a list of just SOME of the things I'd love to try.

Part of the reason I haven't made a lot of these is that I don't have any kids. As soon as I do, a lot of these items (there are so many cool child and baby crafts!) will make their way to the top of my to-do list. But for now...I'll just daydream and keep track of them here.

To see the blog where these photos came from, and to link to the tutorials that may be associated with them, just click on the photo. I've linked them all up with their corresponding blog.

The List
I have a sewing machine cover, which is why this project hasn't been made yet....but my cover is just white and boring. I'm totally going to do this when I have a chance. (Talk about a fun and easy gift to give fellow crafters as well.)

I LOVE the look of these framed fabric pieces. Just as pretty as artwork, and very there's texture. So cute!

Check out this easy-to-make tutu! If you know ANY little girls (children, grandchildren, nieces, etc.) you can bet they would LOVE one of these to twirl around in.

Speaking of little girls, if some of my friends would have a girl instead of all these boys they've been having, then maybe I could whip up a few of these cute Ruffle-Butt onesies. :)

I have the perfect fabric in mind already for this so-cute owl tote-bag.

Need some cheap Christmas decor? These will for sure be made in my house to go with our Christmas decorations this winter.
Look how simple this is? Think of how cute it would be in a child's room, a baby nursery, or even in your entryway in a more neutral color with your last name on it. So cool.

I LOVE cute magnets, paper clips, etc....I'm totally going to make these. (First I need to get my hand on some of those cheapie magnets businesses give away....I always chuck them, but from now on, I'm keeping them!)

We just cleaned out Germaine (our car) and I am totally going to make a couple of these to help keep our car from getting receipts, gum wrappers, etc. strewn about him again.
This is one of those projects you kind of need a kid to justify making it. How cute is this ribbon-lamp to go with the bright nursery decor?! I suppose you could also use more neutral colors to dress up lamps in other rooms in your house too.

This isn't so much a craft, but look how cute those jellybeans look in that jar? Hobby Lobby always has TONS of cool glass jars, hurricane glasses, etc. I'm totally going to get some of different shapes and add color-coordinated candy for holidays. Think of black and orange M&M's at Halloween, or those round peppermint candies at Christmas time!

An "Eye-Spy" bag!This is another one that's gotta wait for some kidlets. How awesome would this be to pack in your diaper bag and take to church to keep your child quiet and un-bored.

Another kid project: An over-the-table fort! When we were kids, we'd take every blanket in our house to try to make a fort...and my mom always got mad because we unfolded all her blankets. Look how easy this would be to put up and take down? (Or leave up in a playroom if you have a spare card-table.)

This is something i could easily make for myself....I just haven't got around to it (life is so busy!) But look how cute those colors are! And that great fabric! And the terrific texture. Love it!

Baby projects again: Diaper and wipey holders. I suppose you could also put tissues in these and stick them in your purse or church bag as well....

Curtains! Our house is lacking window treatments, and I think I could probably pull off sewing these basic window coverings. (Maybe.) So cute, though!

Once again, adorable, simple framed artwork for a child's room (could be modified to fit any room and any occasion.) Just imagine ones with Christmas trees, or pumpkins, or four-leaf clovers. Possibilities are endless here.

I have to put this up because I think it's the coolest thing ever! Check out that line of ribbon! And all the places to organize your scissors, markers, buttons, paper, etc. It's a crafter's dream!

Look at this cute patriotic dress! Would you believe the top portion was made out of a onesie?

How cute and festive is this? And this would make a great gift for neighbors or friends or co-workers at Christmastime. Fairly in-expensive, not overly time-consuming, and it smells good! Awesome.

Babies, babies, babies: How about making one of these cute carseat covers for your baby....or a baby shower gift? This one is made out of fleece, so it will keep your baby warm in the winter while making them the most hip and happenin' baby on the block. :)

If you have little girls, check out this great solution for keeping their ribbons organized (and it keeps them from getting smashed!) So cool.

Last but not least, binky holders. Your baby would look so cute with this clipped to them! :) Adorable. (Also, another great baby shower gift idea.)

Once again, I'm sorry this post was so freakishly long....but I hope you got some good ideas, as well as a chance to discover new blogs you may want to frequent often.

Happy Crafting!


krista said...

what a great list! i think i'll have to try some of these too!! thanks!

tatertotmom said...

Great ideas! I'm a bit of a craftaholic and am so glad to find this blog!

Preston and Amanda said...

Cute baby ideas! Someday I will have time for crafts!